In 1962 when even the concept of domestic paints has yet been fully recognized, Alphacolors launched with its production of paints and has been a part of the art material market history with its investment and reformation toward developing the finest domestic paints.

The history of Alphacolors is the history of ‘the first and the best’.
Alphacolors has been leading the advancement and scientification of art material
s with its unceasing efforts through accomplishments such as developing and marketing the first professional poster color in Korea, Alpha700 (1969), exporting painting colors to Singapore for the first time in the nation (1974), first to be selected as the only company recommended by the Korean Art Society (1974), first in nation to successfully develop watercolors (1975), first in industry to receive Specify the best marks for Commerce and Industry pumja (1979), first in nation and sixth worldwide to develop acrylic colors (1981), first in nation to develop and market watercolor gauche (2004), receiving highest award class A in technology from Korea Technology Guarantee Fund (2006), and getting awarded the ‘Power Brand Award’, highest award in Korean administrative reform (2008).

Alphacolors is now expanding the boundary of its overseas market, through continuous strengthening of its global competitiveness focusing mainly in regions including the United States, England, Germany, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Middle East, and Africa. Currently we are endeavoring to expand our market in the United States through our US branch, planning to steadily expand our boundary in worldwide network hereafter. Through unchanging beauty of colors, we promise to strive in becoming an educational and cultural business capturing hearts of our consumers worldwide.

- Member of the International art materials trade association
- Member of the Art and Creative Materials Institute (ACMI), USA
- Appointed as the Quality Product by the Industrial Advancement
- Appointed as the Supporting Enterprise for ‘86 Asian Games and ‘88
  Olympic Games by the Industrial Advancement Administration
- Recommended by Korean Art Association
- Prospect Supporting Enterprise for 2002 World Cup
- Acquired CE Mark

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